Short Sale FAQ's   Why choose a Maricopa agent?
A short sale isnít named that because itís a short time frame. It is because the owner is selling the property...
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  Does your Maricopa Short sale agent TRULY know his way around Maricopa? Does He/She realize that...
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In  2010, Resales or “regular sales” in the city of Maricopa were more elusive than Bigfoot. There was a good reason! By definition, a resale is a home that had been lived in before, possibly bought from another owner or the builder and was being sold again. In 2010, the resale market did exist, but buyers rarely bought a resale home because of the prices compared to distressed properties. The resale market had to compete with the short sale and foreclosure market. Prices were very low and to be competitive with the distressed properties, the resale owner would need to lower their price, which might even cost the seller to “bring money” to the closing table to sell the house.

After 2010 the prices of short sales and foreclosures not only rose, but there were less of them on the market. Some of the buyers that bought homes in 2007, 2008 and 2009 can actually sell their home now and even make a small profit. In the 2010 market it was not possible.

The Maricopa Resale market is back. Right now there is actually a shortage of foreclosures and short sales, but the ones that do exist are priced competitively with the resales. Maricopa resales are definitely making a comeback due to the city itself. With the new additions of the multi generation center and the new theater, laser tag and bowling alley, Maricopa is becoming a self sustaining city. When considering resales, make sure your choice of agent is a local expert.

A real estate agent in Scottsdale will tell you how the market is doing there, but the 30 mile difference between the two cities may have a different results. Here in Maricopa, we have an above average number of homes in the market which means that buyers have a bit more to choose from, and sellers need to be competitive. Bottom line right now, Maricopa resales are in the same price range as foreclosures and short sales, all a bit lower than a new build/spec home! Those numbers may shift after a few weeks, but wouldn’t you like to know about the market TODAY?

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