Short Sale FAQ's   Why choose a Maricopa agent?
A short sale isn’t named that because it’s a short time frame. It is because the owner is selling the property...
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  Does your Maricopa Short sale agent TRULY know his way around Maricopa? Does He/She realize that...
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Maricopa new homes

Short Short sale and foreclosure Real Estate needs in the city of Maricopa AZ

Maricopa new homes

In 2003 the city of Maricopa was incorporated, the sole subdivision “Rancho El Dorado” was the only master planned community within 20 miles.

In 2004, Buyers were on waiting lists to purchase a new home in Maricopa.  Buyers were frantically using all of their resources and connections to buy a home.  Several Buyers were placing multiple offers on homes well over list price.

In 2005-2006, the market started to drop, people were buying still at what they considered discounted prices. No one had any idea of what the market had in store.

In 2006-2007, prices were declining. The Maricopa short sale market existed, but even the banks had no idea of the future. At the time, the banks were unresponsive in getting a short sale approved. Many folks bought spec homes at deeply discounted prices after wasting several months waiting for the bank to approve the short sale.  Maricopa new homes

Fast forward to 2008-present: The Queen Creek and Maricopa short sale market has taken off. On any given day of showing homes, nearly fifty percent of the homes for sale are either foreclosures or short sales.

What is a short sale? A shortsale is generally a pre-foreclosure. It is a home that can no longer be afforded or wanted by the current owner. Sellers have different reasons for wanting to short sell their home. Perception IS Reality. A reason is a reason.
Brian is here to answer questions and make this stressful life decision easier on the buyer and the seller. A Short Sale is when the bank agrees to take less then what is owed on the home.  

Maricopa new homes

Brian Petershiem is your in-house negotiator!

One thing that separates Brian Petershiem is his knowledge of the area. We list Maricopa short sales, and we close them. We average 50 Maricopa homes per year, that’s not counting our closings in Chandler, Gilbert, Queen Creek and Scottsdale.
Why dedicate an entire site to Maricopa Short sales? The decision to short sell your home is a big one. The decision to short sell is hard enough, let alone choosing the Listing Agents. NOT ALL AGENTS ARE CREATED EQUALLY.

Choosing an Agent to help purchase a Maricopa short sale is important also. They are not “regular” transactions. . There are certain steps that an agent needs to complete to increase the chance of a successful short sale approval and a smooth closing.

Can any agent list your Maricopa short sale or help you buy a Maricopa short sale? Yes, but why waste valuable time and money having an agent that doesn't know the area with with you, including important factors such as the overall Maricopa market, prices, specific community amenities, schools, HOA… and the list goes on and on.   TWO AGENTS ARE BETTER THAN ONE!

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